What to Look For in Your Bridal Makeup Artist


I so often hear stories about brides finding a makeup artist online that has a good portfolio, and affordable prices, so they book them before doing much digging beyond that. Too often those brides are dissapointed and caught off guard by something they didn't think to look into or ask about. Honestly, if I wasn't in this industry I would probably make the same mistake! In light of happy brides and being well informed, hopefully this blog post will come in hand.


1. Sanitation and Organization

The biggest thing I look for in other artists I work with, and the biggest thing that I am personally a little crazy about, is SANITATION! Brushes must be clean, hands must be washed or sanitized, and there is no double dipping of any sorts! There are plenty of unpleasant things that you don’t want being spread around because your makeup artist forgot to wash her brushes, or dipped the eyeliner brush she just used on someone back in the pot of gel liner. Another thing to look for is a clean organized kit. I have noticed that when an artist doesn’t have their kit organized, they usually don’t have a lot of other things organized too! Feel free to ask for a pic or two of your artist's kit. They shouldn’t mind if everything is in order!


2. Timeliness

Wedding days often have strict timing, and the last thing you want is your artist throwing off the timeline you and/ or your wedding planner have worked so hard on. Finding an artist that is on time (this really means at least 15 mins early), can stay on schedule, and can pack up quick, is essential!

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3. Excellent Reviews

Reviews are so helpful and an easy way to read up on the service you will be receiving. Look for specifics about the client's experience. “She was amazing” is great, but more specifics the better!

4. Personality

The artist you choose is going to be around for a large chunk of your morning on the biggest day of your life! Finding someone that your personality meshes with is key. A friendly, calming presence is necessary (wedding mornings can be stressful enough), and you ultimately want to find someone who has your back!

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5. Someone who knows their stuff!

You are not hiring an artist on your wedding day to just give you “every day makeup”. You are hiring them to make you look your BEST in those wedding photos you are paying for! You could ask for the most natural look, but your artist needs to know how to make “natural” look amazing on camera.  

No matter who your artist is, these 5 qualities are essential in making your experience enjoyable, and your big day stress free!

Bridal Portrait Shoot

Who would have known that when I met Kelsey (Kelsey Leigh Photograpy) on one of my last days of working at Platos Closet, just a month or so later we would be collaborating on such a gorgeous shoot. Kelsey has a beautiful studio, not even 10mins away from me, with large windows and gorgeous light, that was so perfect for the mood we were going for. To add to the perfection of this shoot, Kelsey and Devyn are two of the sweetest people I have worked with! 

Fun fact. This updo on Devyn was the first updo I have created! I don't usually do hair other than curling, and some light styling, so when Kelsey mentioned an updo, I was excited to step out of my comfort zone. Considering it was my first, I wouldn't say it is perfect by any means, but I do really like how it turned out. That being said, it is difficult to go wrong when there are flowers involved! 

Glowy, natural, and enhancing are all words I would use to describe my style as a makeup artist, and the look I created for Devyn is nothing short of those words. Brows really do frame the face, and Devyn's are rather thick, so I just used a powder to fill in sparse areas. For the eyeshadow, I used some shimmery shades from one of my favorite viseart palettes. I didn't define the crease very much to keep keep the look from getting too dramatic. Her lips are already rather pigmented, so I used some clear gloss and a lipliner to create a little more definition. I am so in love with this look! 


Industrial Bridal Shoot

     Working in this industry I feel incredibly blessed by the opportunities to work with such incredible brides, models, highschool seniors, etc. Another plus of being a makeup artist is that I have the pleasure of meeting and developing friendships with the most amazing and talented vendors! Honestly, from the second this shoot started, it was clear we had assembled the dream team, from the florals, to the photographer and everyone in between! 

     I could go on and on about this team of individals, but I am saving that for a future blog post that will highlight my favorites in this industry, so be on the look out for that!

     Both Kari and Jessi are absolutely stunning, so just like always, I enhanced their features instead of covering them. For Kari, that was in the form of bringing out her stunning cheeckbones and lashes, and for Jessi, her beautiful lips and eyes! 

Enjoy the photos!

Photographer: Danielle Riley Photography | Flowers: Floral Noir | Planner: Petra Repka | Hair Stylist: Lauren Kozak | Models: Kari Rae, Andy Rodriguez, Jessi Williams, Andrew MacIntyre |

Fun Headshots With Reye & Danielle

When Reye asked me to do her makeup for her acting headshots, I jumped at the chance! It isn't every day that you get to work with clients who are as easy going, funny, and as sweet as this girl. Not to mention, Danielle Riley Aaron, our friend and photographer, is one of the best around.

Fortunately, this team is very flexible, and rather than our original plan of traveling to Tacoma from Poulsbo, we decided to find a location closer by since timing was a little tight. The new location was close enough, that after grabbing lunch at a great burger place, we had to walk about 20ft. for these pictures. Behind a T-Mobile is as good of a place as any, right? 

Because of the nature of the photos, Reye was after a rather natural look. My favorite makeup look to do is one that just "enhances" features, so I kept things simple.

I started with a soft brown in the crease, and my all time favorite highlighter Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm all over the lid. Reye already has great lashes, so after a thin line of black gel liner, I just coated her lashes with the Loreal voluminous black mascara. So simple, and so pretty!

This girl has the most gorgeous skin, so other than a light application of Face Atelier Ultra Pro foundation, and some concealer under her eyes, she didn't need much coverage! 

I used a Ben Nye pressed powder under her cheekbones that was a couple shades darker than her skin, to enhance her perfect cheekbones, and a peachy graftobian cream blush to bring in a little color. To finish off, I filled in her brows with a sigma brow powder, lightly lined her lips with my favorite NYX lipliner in the shade Peekaboo Neutral, and topped them off with some clear gloss. 

Fun day, with two awesome girls!