Bridal Portrait Shoot

Who would have known that when I met Kelsey (Kelsey Leigh Photograpy) on one of my last days of working at Platos Closet, just a month or so later we would be collaborating on such a gorgeous shoot. Kelsey has a beautiful studio, not even 10mins away from me, with large windows and gorgeous light, that was so perfect for the mood we were going for. To add to the perfection of this shoot, Kelsey and Devyn are two of the sweetest people I have worked with! 

Fun fact. This updo on Devyn was the first updo I have created! I don't usually do hair other than curling, and some light styling, so when Kelsey mentioned an updo, I was excited to step out of my comfort zone. Considering it was my first, I wouldn't say it is perfect by any means, but I do really like how it turned out. That being said, it is difficult to go wrong when there are flowers involved! 

Glowy, natural, and enhancing are all words I would use to describe my style as a makeup artist, and the look I created for Devyn is nothing short of those words. Brows really do frame the face, and Devyn's are rather thick, so I just used a powder to fill in sparse areas. For the eyeshadow, I used some shimmery shades from one of my favorite viseart palettes. I didn't define the crease very much to keep keep the look from getting too dramatic. Her lips are already rather pigmented, so I used some clear gloss and a lipliner to create a little more definition. I am so in love with this look!